Thursday, April 17, 2008

Making me cry...

Posted by Pixie at 7:23 AM

Well it's obviously been a while since I've written on here. Everything pretty much just revolves work and daycare.. So nothing real exciting to talk about there.

Wait I lied. For a minute there I was having difficulties leaving my kid at daycare. The first 2 starting days that I left her there she left running away from me to go play with all the cool stuff and didn't even give me a second look back so I assumed she would have no problem there.

Then because the way my work schedule is I made the mistake of not being there for a whole week and when I returned that Monday she literally had a melt down. She cried and ran away from me but not into the class room, away from them and entered another classroom and hid behind one of the teachers. I carried her in my arms trying to console her and I walked into her class when one of the daycare ladies just literally grabbed her from me. Which I DID not appreciate her doing.

I think I would have done OK in trying to calm her down before I had to go but it was like a scene out of a movie where a social services lady was taking kids out of there house. My kid was grabbing at my shirt and jacket and when I left I was crying. It made me so mad at the lady and I cried because I had Never seen my kid like that. And then I started regretting going back to work so soon. So I need to take her more regularly so that she gets used to it and they all tell me it's good to start now because then when it's actually time for her to start school she would of be more used to it.

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