Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Too much drama...

Posted by Pixie at 8:21 PM
Wow It's been awhile since I've been able to blog and I'm on a serious withdrawal :D

Let me tell you it's has been a long time since I have been on my feet for 7 hours a day for 4 straight days.. My feet hurt and I swear they have swollen up to 2 xtra sizes. ewww.. Thank goodness I have Thursday and Friday off.. yea for me!

There has been so much drama there since I've started. Managers and District Managers being fired for suppose stealing, people walking out, the managers threatening the walked out employees that they would make sure they wouldn't get hired at any retail place again, it's just a mess. Everybody talks about everybody, I swear it's like being in high school again. And I work with 30 and 40 year old people..

One store manager is applying to be a District manager and she's rude to all the employees and other store managers. Yea... that went straight to her head and she isn't even training yet. So lots of drama but whatever, I do my own work and keep my private life out of work (but haha share it to the blog world right :D). I don't need this job and I could save my money from not sending my kid to a daycare but I like doing something more productive and my child has a different experience in her life. So I'm hoping I can stay out of the drama till at least one pay period. =)

P.S Cindy from Cindysrandomness.. I couldn't get into your blog if you just give me an email address then I can help you out... :D

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