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10 best & 10 worst Hollywood Autograph Signers

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So I just read from Autograph who is 2007 best and worst autograph's.

Who's Cool:

For the third year in a row, actor Johnny Depp is ranked the number one best signer.

2) Closely followed by Matt Damon.

3) George Clooney.

4) Jack Nicholson. (I was surprised by this since he always looks mean. And he's such a veteran actor I would assume he thought he was better than to sign.)

5) Rosario Dawson.

6) John Travolta (He's so cute)

7) Katherine Heigl (I like her, she seems nice)

8) Jay Leno

9) Dakota Fanning (Good to know it hasn't gone to her head yet)

10) Russell Crowe (He'll sign after throwing a phone)

Who's Cruel to Fans:
thanks pretty in pink! 1) Surprisingly, funny man Will Ferrell is their number one worst signer as he has been seen taunting fans who ask for his autograph—a real disappointment considering he used to be so nice to his fans.

thanks pretty in pink! 2) Tobey Maguire (Fans have made him MILLIONS with all 3 Spider Man movies and he wont stop to give an autograph?

thanks pretty in pink! 3) Joaquin Phoenix

thanks pretty in pink! 4) William Shatner (Well he started the whole SciFi craze it yet scribbling his name is a burden)

thanks pretty in pink! 5) Renée Zellweger (I didn't like Chicago or Bridget Jones anyways)

thanks pretty in pink! 6) John Malkovich

thanks pretty in pink! 7) Julie Andrews

thanks pretty in pink! 8) Bruce Willis (So he's just mad because his 100th Die Hard movie flopped?)

thanks pretty in pink! 9)Teri Hatcher (We should just stop watching that little show she's on.. What's the name? Uh..)

thanks pretty in pink! 10) Scarlett Johanssen

Get the December issue on newsstands now to find out why the following actors and actresses made the lists that they are on.

I'd like to see which one my favorite actors fell in.. Will Smith, Eva Mendes, and Jennifer Lopez,

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