Sunday, December 16, 2007

Old people driving

Posted by Pixie at 10:00 AM
I just read that as a result of a 90-year-old driver that killed a 17 year old last year in Texas, they now have a new law that requires men and women 79 or older to renew their licenses in person.. If they get out of the car and it takes them at least 20 minutes to get into the DMV shouldn't that be a sign to not let them drive anymore?

Those 85 or older have to have their vision tested more frequently. I read that about 26 states have stricter laws on older drivers. I'm not going to be driving my 2 year old and myself around and get killed by an old lady or man who doesn't have the strength to be able to go back and forth on the brake and gas pedal or the reflexes of stopping their car immediately.

Ex: I was on a turn lane and so was this old lady and when we got the green light i was fine on my lane when all of a sudden her big ol boat rammed into my door. Seems this old lady couldn't even control the steering wheel to stay on her lane... Again if they are over 65 they SHOULDN'T BE DRIVING..

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