Friday, December 28, 2007

The other side of my life...

Posted by Pixie at 10:41 AM

← Does this face look the type
to spit her medicine back at me?

My baby girl, Karla, has a little cold today and the minute she started coughing and sneezing I thought 'Oh man, how am I going to give her, her medicine?" She absolutely HATES IT..She sees the little cup or the spoon with the meds and she starts crying and hiding.

I tried telling her that it tastes good, or that it's candy and since she could first take medicine we made the mistake of calling it medicine. So she looks at us like 'Do you think i'm dumb' and she'll start pointing at us and yelling 'No Medicine'.. Yea so..

I try to check out some advice from parents and mainly they say to add it in applesauce or in juice, but then I'm thinking "Doesn't that actually dilute more of the medicine and then it wont take the effect needed?

Well I pretty much forced it down her throat, and now I feel bad so I let her watch cartoons an extra 30 mins..I guess applesauce is the next step.

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