Saturday, December 29, 2007

I Swear...

Posted by Pixie at 3:27 PM
Ok so before I had my kid, I had a bad mouth.. Fword this Fword that.

When I had my baby, I thought I would never say (well maybe limit) those kinds of words again. That I'd be a good example and that by the time she was old enough to start repeating everything I said, she'd say happy words like , I love you, or Give me a hug, and not say words that would mortify the other mommies at a playground.

And of course my kid became a repeater.

Now if you come into my home, you'll find me yelling "Damn it" when I drop a plate or wondering who the hell the left the milk on the counter. I also say s**t alot, these days, I let the F-word for bigger deals, like the time she grabbed a black marker and wrote on the screen tv, crayoned the walls (which wouldn't be a big deal, if it was my house) or just smeared a half a container of cream all over herself. And many a times my friend has told me to stop but they just come out.

Now I don't do this in public because I could just see all those disapproving looks from strangers on the street. Now her an the other hand will wait till we are at the store (her favorite at a checkout line) or at a friends house and will tell people, to either shut up, or use the S word. My favorite, were at a shoe store and we walk by a lady taking her shoe off and my kids says, with a scrunched up face, 'nasty shit'. Yea, I see that mommy of the Year award slowly creeping away.

I've managed to catch her before she calles Grandpa the B word and through other foul-mouthed incidents.

If I can stop setting this bad example maybe my kid will grow up completely vulgar-free. We'll it's still early...I'll just have to cross my fingers... Damn! My rice just burned...

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