Monday, December 10, 2007


Posted by Pixie at 11:28 AM
Today after work, my husband, my daughter and I are going to visit my In-Laws. Some may be 'aw how nice', or 'that's a good daughter-in-law'. But I'm not too happy about it.

They're people (well actually the mother) who really just care about themselves and and out of their 5 girls and 5 boys, they have 2 favorites, my husband not being one of them. I know he's there son, but they don't care if they don't visit, or call him. But they expect him to spend money on them. They actually came to our state with only the clothes on their backs, and no money.

Now, to not start a fight with him, I casually mentioned that they were taking advantage of the situation. She thinks that we all should take care of her financially because they brought nothing with them. My husband is the only one working and it's his money I let it pass this one time (since he hadn't seen them in 3 years)spending almost $200 on them in ONE DAY.

I feel bad for my brother in law, one of the favorites,who they are staying with. He has 4 kids, his wife and yet he had to pay for them to come here, and the additional groceries.

Thanks goodness for savings account.

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