Monday, December 31, 2007

All this mess...

Posted by Pixie at 7:04 PM
Feeling: Exhausted

Listening too: Ingrid Michaelson "Keep Breathing"
Drinking: Butterfinger Hot Chocolate (I swear, that after taste is if I was eating the real deal)


Today I needed to go grocery shopping because I'm not sure how long the stores will be open tomorrow and of course things go wrong..

First, I step outside with my sick child and we practically almost get thrown down by the strong winds blowing. They're so strong that it almost ripped of my screen door off it's hinges.

Second, Karla has been sick for almost 4 days now, and it's just a cough and a runny nose that she has but that cough sometimes is so strong that it makes her throw up.

Were in the store half way through and her cough is making me worried because I'm thinking she's just going to hurl at anytime now. Everything's fine she's even asking me for a snack. I give it to her and she's OK, happens. Puking up ALL that snack, right in the meat aisle.

All over her jacket, her pants and even the floor, people walk by, ready to hurl themselves, and offer sympathy but no help. I'm holding a bag under her while she's throwing up and they're like 'Aw poor thing' and run off..

*sigh* Just another day...And Yes, Yes this is how I'm spending my New Years Eve. Cleaning up spit, sitting in front of a computer waiting for my hubby. He goes to work New Years Eve and comes home on New Years (He get's out at 1 am) and eating .

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