Thursday, March 6, 2008

Being overtaken by germs...

Posted by Pixie at 7:43 AM
These past two days have been hectic. My hubby has a chronic cough, it's so bad that he has almost lost the ability to speak. My daughter had the CROUP COUGH. I think of all the illnesses she could get the CROUP is the worst of them all especially when it flares up at night. She's feeling much better now but not hubby because he has to work he isn't getting the rest he needs so he probably wont be getting better anytime soon.

I went to the grocery store yesterday and I walked smack in the middle of them making a commercial promoting their store. I'm not too worried because I know they've deleted my ugly mug or just re taped =). I seriously hate going to that specific grocery store. Their parking lot sucks, they don't have lines to separate their spaces. That grocery store looks big but it's not. They only have 7 lanes and only 4 open. Just like Super Target where they carry groceries, they have 30 lanes and only open 5. It's SO crowded in there you can't maneuver your grocery cart without bumping items or bumping into people. Now you ask, "Why are you still going there?" It's because they have AWESOME prices on their selections.

So to get their great prices I must endure being pushed out of the way, standing in line for 15 Min's, and almost hitting a car while backing up.

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