Wednesday, March 26, 2008

click once, click twice click all the time =)

Posted by Pixie at 5:19 PM

So YEA! Finally I'm on the front page of

I'm a Top Mommma!

They had me waiting for like a month and they finally let me know today I'm on there. I think they wait awhile to see If the blog has any readers or something so I thank my READERS oops my ONE reader for letting them finally accept me. Today is my first day on there so you know I had to show off.

So the point is you have to have an interesting picture as your profile so that you can get lots of clicks and the longer you stay up there the longer people have a chance to take a look at your blog. So that's pretty much it. So if you would like to see me last longer than one day (which would be so sad) go to TOPMOMMA.COM.
and click on my little kids pic . If you like no pressure :D

So now I'm off to spend my hubby's money on makeup..Can never pass up those buy one get one free offers =)

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