Monday, March 17, 2008

Las Vegas, Here we come...

Posted by Pixie at 9:20 AM

These are the days that I'm waiting for. No more being stuck in the house because it's always snowing. Sitting here I have literally memorized every crack on these walls. Then when Summer comes everyone is going to complain that it's too hott and can't wait for the snow..

My dad let me know that he's planning a trip to Las Vegas next month and wanted to know if we wanted to come along. I definetly think it would be fun to go. I've never been there. He's been there a gazillion times and he swears this time he's going to try to look at the scene across the street. You know because there is so much to see you don't have time to see everything.

But If we do go it would only be my and the little one because hubby wouldn't be able to take days off. I would definetly feel bad because he would be working while we would be having tons of fun hundreds of miles away.

If would be such a great experiance for my little one. I doubt she will remember when she's older but a different environment from all the snow now would be fun.

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