Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I. am. so. weak.

Posted by Pixie at 1:45 PM
Well it's official I have nothing left to say. Monday and Tuesday were pretty boring days just the usual clean and stay home. Yesterday the most exciting thing we did was hubby getting a hair cut. Oh and can't forget about my sick night after eating at Red Robin. I was sick all night I probably got food poisoning or something. I still feel a bit weak from all the double hurling I was doing.. yuk yuk OK OK.. Today we're suppose to go and get our taxes done as soon as he gets home from work.

It's funny because I haven't gotten sick this whole time my family was sick. I really thought I was going to catch the cold and have it progress to the 'I'm dying' flu.

I'm hoping that maybe tomorrow we are able to take my little one to watch "Horton hears a who" I'm not sure If I really want to go tomorrow because it's going to be so packed and I'm not up for full theatres of kids screaming, yelling and throwing popcorn in my face. If we do go this would be the first time we've taken our kid out to watch a cartoon in a theatre. We did take her to a drive in to watch Shrek 3 and all she did was climb all over us in the car so that wasn't fun.

I feel so sluggish...

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