Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Where are all the intelligent people...

Posted by Pixie at 6:45 AM
News these days are just so insane. You have stories of MOMS FIGHTING AT CHUCK E. CHEESES. One mom got angry because a kid was hogging up an arcade game and these women fighting physically, with all the hair pulling, are practically in there 40's. You would think they know better.

Then you have a MAN SHOOTING HIMSELF to get out of work. Really? He lied to cops about what happen. So now he doesn't have to worry about having a couple days of work he pretty much doesn't have a job and might go to jail along with his friendly neighborhood shooter for his little stunt.

This one is pretty funny, this man robs a store and LEAVES HIS W-2 FORM along with his jacket at the scene.

I can't believe the extremes people now a days do to get out of situations, or because they are irresponsible or don't care about consequences. To me they are just plain stupid people. Where is the common sense in these people? Mothers fighting in a place for children. Now you kid is going to grow up thinking fighting over petty stuff is OK.

Take for instance my petty incident over KITKATS, the cashier lady got all riled up over nothing. One of my commenters said 'Why didn't you slap her'? And instantly she knew that it wouldn't be a good thing to be doing those kind of things in front of my daughter. It's only common sense and for the fact of not getting myself into trouble over nothing.

And whatever happen to just calling in sick for a day? Is your job that extreme that they wouldn't believe that person and demand they still go in to work?

Why rob a store when EVENTUALLY you will get caught. 'Nuff said.

And then you have this DUMB WANNA BE CELEB. Heidi mixed her voice over one of Britney's previously recorded and never released song without getting Britney's managment's permission to do this. This attention whore will do anything to get noticed even stealing because she obviously has no talent of her own. I wouldn't be surprised if this was all of Spenceshit's doing. Listen and see what you think.


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