Sunday, March 9, 2008

Posted by Pixie at 9:00 AM

I have hereditary dark circles and lately with losing sleep from everyone even my crazy pup being sick my circles have literally made me look like a raccoon.

I'm sleepy through out the day, to tired to clean up my messes or anyone elses, I sometimes literally fall asleep in front of the monitor.

And you'd think being able to sleep at any given time I'd nap the day away but instead:

I watch Law and Order reruns ALL DAY

I force myself to vacuum.

I stare at the monitor all day and recheck my email every 3 minutes.

I blog or I will sit here until I have something to blog about.

I will check everyone on my blog roll at least 3x each to make sure no one has *updated* anything

I know I have to get my 8 hours of rest so that I have the energy to... lets see... oh yea, *SIGH* it's called housework. I try really hard to clean my house in the evening so that when I wake up I don't really have to do anything but of course that never works because while I stare at a clean kitchen all proud of myself I will go check on my kid in her room and *UGH* she has taken all of her clothes out of her dressers, her toys are all over the place, her bed is undone and on top of that she's running around naked. Please Dear God don't let her pee from the excitement, where she thinks it's fun having mommy chase her around the house. Because it so no fun cleaning up a trail of pee.

And after looking at my clean kitchen again to calm myself I hear ripping sounds and go into the living room where I find my 'I'm going to kill you' pup ripping the couch and pulling out the stuffing from it. Yea OK I can see where sleep is necessary. And forget trying to keep those raccoon eyes under control, I would just like to keep my sanity in check...

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