Sunday, March 2, 2008


Posted by Pixie at 9:30 AM

Are you considered friendless if you share your stories and daily rantings about life on a blog instead of to real people?

Are you considered a hermit if you are a SAHM who DOES stay at home and occasionally goes to the park, run errands and then goes straight home, or goes to the library for kids day?

Are you considered chicken if you prefer to stay home with your husband and child then go out on a night out with your friend who has invited along ALL her single, childless friends who are anxiously waiting to get plastered?

Well those are all the names my 'so called best friend' of 8 years called me yesterday. I don't know why I still even considered talking to her after my supposed best friend missed my mother's funeral. Why I still considered talking to her when she always assumed her life was better than mines, or more fulfilling because I got married and had a child. Since my daughter has been born 3 yrs ago, she has seen my daughter twice.

One time we had gotten into an argument and I told her I really needed her as a friend because I felt alone with my husband always working and my mother not always being able to visit and because she was MY BEST FRIEND. She told me not to blame her for my 'situation', which meant having my beautiful baby. I hate her so much right now that I just can't believe I have wasted all this time with her.

In some way I hope one day she can truly feel, how she thinks she may have friends now, but what will happen to them when she gets married or has children? Will they be there for her? Will they want to stop their partying to babysit for her or to at least visit her?

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