Friday, February 29, 2008

Seriously... Seriously?

Posted by Pixie at 8:00 AM
I tell you the most interesting day that happened last night was that a grocery clerk was arguing with me over some KitKats. You read right. It was not my fault swear. It was really PETTY but she's the one that got angry with me about some stupid kit Kat's.

OK we rented a movie at our grocery store that has a RedBox and my kid went straight for the chocolates by the movie stand and grabbed a Kit Kat. She handed it to us and we seen that it said 3 for 99c. So we decide to get 3 but we didn't notice that we picked the other 2 that didn't have the same sale on the wrapper.

When we went to the self checkout we ring them up and notice that the one that had the .33c on the wrapper DID ring up that way but the ones that did NOT have it rang up as .50c. So just asking I asked the cashier lady why it was ringing up .50c ea if we got it where it says .33c for 3. (I know, I know I should have let it go because it was only .17c difference on each candy bar) I would have probably purchased them either way but I was curious as to why. So she acts like I just interrupted her busy schedule and stomps off to another section of the chocolates and matter of factly says No they are 2 for $1." I said "OK but I didn't get it from here, I got it from that stand over there." But she just kinda blew me off and said again, "Well no matter they are 2 for $1."

Then she walks off to where I pointed at and I headed to where I got them originally and I was thinking "well maybe I grabbed only one that was .33c from an old promotion and they don't have anymore" and I'm kinda blaming myself for asking in the first place.

But then I noticed she went the other side of the movie stand and Viola there was a WHOLE stand there that had boxes of kitkats that said on the wrappers 3 for .99c. Yea! so take that.

But wait, instead of saying something like "Oh OK, well get these ones so they ring up as .33 ea or didn't know these were here" or whatever, this bitch goes to the customer service area and dangles a kitkat in front of the cashier and firmly tells her, "Make sure you TELL the manager that these have to be changed to 2 for $1." WTF? Nobody can do that if the price IS ON THE WRAPPER. She was just pissed and wouldn't apologize because she assumed she was right and I was wrong but it didn't turn out the way.

I thought the way she acted was way unprofessional. If she didn't or couldn't help us she could of had someone else help us. It's her job to find out about products and prices not yell at CUSTOMERS. Even if it is over KitKat's.

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