Saturday, February 2, 2008

Fashion Week..

Posted by Pixie at 6:31 AM
Yesterday was NATIONAL RED DAY. "Every year on the first of Friday in February, people all around the country wear red to raise awareness of women's heart disease." At Fashion Week Jenna Fischer, Sara Ramirez, Heidi Klum and others walked the catwalk at the Heart of Truth Red Dress Collection Fashion show.

How pretty does Sara Ramirez look!


I'm not really into Fashion Week because they always come out with clothes you can't wear or afford...Like what normal person would wear this...

But some "designers" like Jennifer Lopez's JUSTSWEET or SWEETFACE are cute and pretty affordable or Puff Daddy's, wait, P Diddy, no, Diddy, that's not right, oh yea, SEAN JOHN clothing line are much better for everday wears and also more affordable.


Sean Jean

sigh If I wasn't on a "doctor regulated diet" I soo would wear that! <-- haha! Man I crack myself up! This is what happens when you don't have friends and your kid would rather watch Wa Wa Wubzy than spend time with you!

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