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When all else fails...read

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I absolutly love reading..but great, great books..

When I was younger I didn't really have alot of friends so my past time was reading. In middle school we used to have field trips but to the library where they were teaching us how to find and categorized library books, afterwards we were able to choose books to read. While all the other girls were picking up like Sweet Valley High from Francine Pascal, I was reading my aged drama books. Don't get me wrong I did read alot of the fun, young adult girlie books. I have read all the whole Sweet Valley High Book Series. I will alway be a fan of the original series, not much for the spin-offs. I also read similar books to Sweet valley High... umm well it had something to do with being penpals in a all girls school. Can't remember the title, but I'm guessing it has penpal in it =)

But my two favorite books I really remember reading in the 5th grade were two drama books...For the life of my I cannot remember their titles and those are two books I would love, love to read again.

So this is what I remember from the first book:

"This young boy maybe 9 years old was in a abused family where his mother used to beat him, so they took him away and placed him with a grumpy old man. The little boy even though he was abused really was a bright boy and did everything to make the old man happy.

They would plant flowers, help him clean the house and would always obey the old man, who grew to love him and they became like grandfather and grandson. Eventually Social Services came to take the little boy away and placed him in his mother's care again because she seemed fit to take care of him again.

So with all the sadness they part and the old man goes on for a couple of weeks of course worried, hoping the little boy is safe. And for some reason, can't remember why, he starts looking for him and he finds him at his house locked in a closet and he's carrying a bag around and really calm the boy tells the old man, that his baby sister was in the bag, that his mother beat her to death and she eventually left them. He was alone in the house for almost a week. So happy ending he lives his life with the old man."

2nd book:

This young boy and his father are on a private plan and they are over a jungle somewhere exotic like the Amazons or something. Something goes wrong with the plane and they end up crashing. The pilot and his father die but the young boy survives. The book goes on to tell his story of how he has to survive in the wilderness, how to hunt fish, how to make a sleeping around, where to gather food and such. I think he was lost for a couple months until he heard a plane and they found him. But I thought this was a great survival story of a young boy.

I appreciated that many authors assumed many young adults were smart to understand and read a powerful book back then at the age of 12 or 13.

I do have to say that fantasy was my #1 choice to read.. I could only take so much drama in books at my age. One time I had read a book which they made into a movie called SURVIVING. It's about these two young adults who love each other but the girl is a 16 yr old who just attempted suicide and the 17 yr old boy is expected to be a doctor. They fall in love but their parents try to keep them seperated. They eventually commit suicide together which destroyes their families. After I read that I cried to my mom, wondering why do people do the things they do..

That was one of my fondest memories of going to my mom for answers, I cry as I write this now, because I remember she's sitting in her room and I enter and fall to my knees and place my head in her legs while I cried about the ending of the book and she caresses my head and we talk about what I just read. She was always there for me, in all of my reading escapades. I miss her so much...

whew.. ok ok I stopped crying

So anyway, recently I went to the library and was in the mood to read a really good book and I got two of them. But oh my gosh! let me tell you this was supposedly in the young adult section and I couldn't believe what I was reading. This book was suppose to be about hidden treasure but that kind of deterred from the actual story I was reading. This book had rape in it... THROUGH OUT THE WHOLE BOOK. They had.. well you get the point but I didn't even finish it. I took it back and told the library lady that this was a horrible book and it was placed it the young adult section and that they should either take it away from that category or just take it away completely. And dont get me started on the second book about trafficking sex slaves.. they could have at least warned me about it in the synopsis..

I walked away from my favorite place in the whole world that day so dissapointed..but it's ok I'll give my lover a second chance today and hope it doesn't dissapoint me again.

(Seriously what in the world is wrong with bloggers spell check!)

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