Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Finally life can resume...

Posted by Pixie at 3:48 PM
Finally the Writers Strike is over. Now I can get back to not raising my child right because now our favorite shows are coming back on yea! Not that it really wasn't somewhat of a good thing right? The strike affected your life maybe in a good way. Without our favorite shows on and remembering word for word reruns we stepped away from the tv and probably did other things we hadn't done in awhile. Caught up on reading, went out for walks, started early spring cleaning and maybe even went to bed early.

I know it will take awhile, probably in March or April, before we see any new Grey's Anatomay, Desperate Housewifes and CSI but it's ok, I can wait.

But what's funny is that there were other shows who have a good following and people didn't notice they had all new episodes. I mean it's not like GA, DH, are the only great shows. House just finished his last fresh episode last week. Cold Case had on new episodes up until 3 weeks ago. And then you have the super new episodes of Lost.

How is it that Jay Leno, David Letterman, and even Ellen Degeneres were booed by the WGA when they decided to go back on air after a couple of months, and yet there are up to date new episodes of Oprah. I haven't seen anyone boo her. Are people really that afraid of her? I wonder if the Ellen, Jay, and David writers who booed them were able to still think they could go back to work for their former bosses after dissing them in public.

"Hi, yes Ms. Degeneres, um didn't really mean to be upset at you because you decided to go back to work without me, since I am that writes your lines of 'See if the celeb can guess the word of the day,' and 'we'll be right back'. So I was wondering if I can come back to work. Hello? Hello..."

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