Friday, February 8, 2008

It's a big, big world...

Posted by Pixie at 8:11 AM
Oh how I love Noggin. They finally have given us this channel since the 1st of January and just love it.

For awhile there my kid was just watching PBS which is nothing wrong with that, they have Clifford the big red dog, Dragon Tales, Maya and Miguel, which was one of my favorites for her to watch because they would teach English and Spanish words, and so does Sesame Street while actually watching cartoons. But then there's the other PBS shows that, ugh, irked me, they have It's a Big, Big World where these puppets are just hopping around and they are not interesting to watch at all. I know it's TV for a kid but mines didn't even watch it. And can't forget the Teletubbies, that can give you nightmares.

Then I tried the Disney Channel, Cartoon Network and Toon Disney and so on. Because I assumed they still have good cartoons on there. In the morning they did, they were bringing back old faves like The little mermaid, Chip and dale, Talespin and such. She even enjoyed The Mickey Mouse show. But I noticed in the evening they had other cartoons that were for older kids which I think are horrible no wonder the boys are all rumbuctious. Of course they would have those in the evening when school is out.

You got SpongBob SquarePants and his nasty acts like eyeballs popping out, being annoying (which give the boys and girls reason to annoy other kids and people, like their parents) they show them being money hungry and so on. Then you have Ed, Ed and Eddy, my kid never watched that show but I have to tell you I caught one episode and ewww they had one of the Ed's eating his mocos.

So now can you see why Noggin is my savior. They have educational and cute cartoons. My daughter even memorized their names.. She knows Lil Bill, Wa Wa Wubzy, Go Diego Go, again because I love that they teach them Spanish words, and as much as I hate this little girl cartoon my daughter loves her..Dora The Explorer.

Now just because my daughter knows all these cartoons doesn't mean I leave her in front of the Tv all day. When she wakes up all the tv's are off. I make her breakfast and when she's done I let her watch Cartoons for awhile since each show is only 30 minutes long.. Then she obviously gets bored and then she plays with her toys and her puppy while I clean and when I'm occasionally on the computer =) hehehe.

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