Monday, February 18, 2008

Dreams are so weird...

Posted by Pixie at 9:04 AM
I had the most bizzare dream last night.. lets see if I can remember it and tell it in a decent way.

I was in a house full of little kids, dogs, cats and I swear a HUGE gerbil who kept trying to bite me. I was supposedly frustrated about the living conditions that my hubby told me I should go to the bar to relax a bit. Once there I found myself talking to a couple there, but they seemed more like brother and sister, anyway, supposedly they knew me and they wanted to know about one of the other 'roomates' that was living there, and it was weird because we were talking smack about a boy I had a crush on in the 5th grade. Lord!

Then all of a sudden one of my high school friends who i've been trying to track down was there playing pool and I had felt like she had always been right in front of me the whole time, if that makes sense. Ok, then we all get together and I swear I end up having only one drink when I end up blackening out and not remembering a thing.

Then it gets weird, I'm supposedly driving to a dr. appt and I have my kid with me and I guess I was still in my bar clothes because I start changing clothes in the car and I'm only in a bra, a red bra, when i notice a cop car is behind me. We end up on a street with really high hills and i'm splashing the snow slush that was there. (I don't know what that had to do with the whole dream but it took awhile) Then we ended up in an ally across the street from the hospital and he turned right while I stopped there trying to cross left. Then all of a sudden it changes, I'm still slightly drunk and hitting on guys from my car when this fool comes along...

It was weird because I hadn't seen a picture of him or any of his movie since Weekend at Bernies. He was much shorter and cuter in my dream. Around this time it's getting fuzzier, pretty much I gather we get inside the hospital and I have cheated on my hubby (we didn't actually do the deed but I felt that we had) and I have been in the hospital all day trying not to get home. But then I'm ready to go when I'm having trouble getting my daughter to go. Then he tells me, You can't leave I said Why not? / You have just been raped. / What! By who? / Me. (I swear I didn't have any sex in my dream). I end up leaving the hospital and he walks me to my car and gawd I end up giving him my phone number. Then I'm driving of into my pending doom... SWEAR! That's how it ended when I woke up!

This dream felt so real that when I woke up I actully looked around to see where I was.. crazy! I have no idea where this dream came from..Well, some parts I do get, like me looking for my friend but I had stopped thinking of her maybe a week ago, and the whole rape discussion was when my hubby seen pamphlets on the desk and asked what they were and I had told him that a volunteer for the Rape Crisis Hotline was trying to get supporters to sign a petition and gave pamphlets about what to do in case you get raped. And that was the last discussion we had before going to bed. I know this is deep but man dreams are so insane!

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