Sunday, February 3, 2008


Posted by Pixie at 8:20 AM
Have you ever been so drunk that you totally space on things you did? Then you wake up the next morning and you wonder "Did that really happened?"

Well my night wasn't that interesting and I wasn't drunk. I was tired drunk. These last few days I have been waking up at 6:30am and going to bed @ 12:45am.. (yes my hubby works 17 hr days.) And since I'm at Stay at home mom, and really don't do much, you know besideds raising our child, washing dishes, laundry, and cleaning.. really that's nothing compared to working in two restaurants like he does. So I feel bad if I take naps and just lounge all day in front of the computer.

So yesterday I stayed awake all day like always..but at 1145pm I was getting tired my eyes were drooping while reading someones blog about how she got an STD from a Senator.. yea as much as that sounds exciting, I couldn't keep my eyes open.

My daughter is already sleeping, so is my little rat so I decide to turn of the computer and go lay down and watch tv while waiting for my hubby to get home. Which is in about 45 minutes. I'm watching Without a Trace and it goes to a commercial and I snuggle in more in my warm blankets and close my eyes for a minute and then next thing I know I'm hearing my cell phone ring. At this point I have felt I have only fallen asleep for maybe 10 minutes and I'm totally out of it.


He says the doors locked and I'm thinking "oh he's just getting home" I open the door and he glares at me and say's I've been calling you, on the cell, (which I had on volume 1) On the house phone (Which I had on 'Do Not Disturb' and I rang the door bell Which I promise you, I did not hear. I have been standing out there for 30 minutes! Wow was it really that long?!


So he stomps off, doesn't talk to me, lays down in bed and goes to sleep. I wake up this morning not really sure if that did happen last night, until he wakes up and says "You really didn't hear the door bell?"

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