Sunday, February 10, 2008

The 80's ROCK!

Posted by Pixie at 10:39 AM
I am seriously having 'suppose' writer's block, or what would you call it if your really not even a writer, just someone who throws words around. These last two days I seriously have had not one single interesting thing happend. I think the most exciting comversation I had today was with my friend who tells me she wants to join Netflix so she can catch up on movies she hasn't see. Shocked, she tells me she hasn't watched all the 80's classics...

She has never seen..Dangerous Liasions, Flashdance, BabyCakes, Cry-baby, Beetlejuice, Legend and so on.. I know, I know the shock. I mean she hasn't even watched 'Braveheart'.

I was born in the 80's and man the music, the style of movies were just AWESOME! They had the great actors back then..Tom Cruise (I used to be a BIG fan) in Legend, Rainman and others. You had Tom Hanks with 'Big' and 'Turner and Hooch'. His best one had to be 'The Green Mile', always, ALWAYS makes me cry.

Even the actors that were super famous but don't come out anymore.. like Molly Ringwald...loved her in Pretty in Pink
and Sixteen Candles, Andrew Mccarthy, James Spader loved Stargate, Emilio Estevez and so on.

There was such good movies back then now it's like you have Paris Hilton's movie 'The Hottie and the Nottie', just the title blows. She executive produced the movie and it yet she's upset that practically NOBODY actually watched it.

Tonight the Grammy's are on and I think this year or all award show are rigged. Every one thinks Kanye West should win. Sure.. because SOME of his songs are good, like his song nominated Stronger not for the fact that his mother just passed away. He has been nominated eight-times and nominated countless times on MTV and has never really won. Then you have Amy Winehouse up for 6 nominations..really? I didn't think her song 'Rehab' was that great. Is it because her music is really that good and imitates her life or because of all the attention media she's had lately?"

"She makes Lindsay Lohan look cool," comedian and nomination announcer George Lopez said. He said that when they announced the Grammy Nominees..he was too funny!

These two artist are obviously going to outshine the actual greater talents..You have Rhianna with 'Umbrella', my new FAVORITE band PARAMORE and even though I'm no actual Carrie Underwood fan I do have to say her song 'Before he cheats' was VERY GOOD.

Today's songs don't have much of a good beat or heartfelt meaning! The Grammy Awards have lost many of their audiences! I don't even bother to watch the show anymore. At least they have always done one thing right and that was never nominating Britney Spears for an award.

So I have succesfully potty trained my pup.. he knows exactly where to lay his business or he will get no treat.. This was WAY easier than trying to potty train my child. She wiggles and does the rain dance and lets me know, 'pee pee'. I hurry up and take off her diaper and sit her on her little toilet to find out she's ALREADY 'pee pee'd'.. MAN!

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