Tuesday, February 26, 2008

To sue or not to sue...

Posted by Pixie at 9:02 AM
I read that Jerry Seinfeld is being sued on a defamation and copyright infringement by the cook book author of 'The Sneaky Chef' MISSY CHASE LAPINE.

I think Missy is upset because Jessica Seinfeld's book 'Deceptively Delicious had more promotion (like on Oprah) and was written by a famous person. But I do agree that Jessica Seinfeld has similar recipes and a similar wink.

Which of course is the reason of the copyright infringement lawsuit (over a wink) and that Jessica stole recipe ideas. But Jerry Seinfeld was also to blame for the things he was saying about her and she filed that lawsuit even more with a vengeance. Like calling her a "wacko", or that she has three names which are associated to become assassins. That the idea of sneaking healthy foods in a child's diet is not original. And the fact that just because she's Jerry Seinfeld's wife she received more promotion. And then when Jessica came out with her cook book she received a ton of backlash. I didn't know anything about Jessica but I did after like 5 minutes. About her being a gold digger and what not. Anyway...

How funny when they finally meet in court.

But I also think that parents should have done this right away as soon as the kids could eat solid foods. I mean what were they feeding them when they were infants? Gerber fruit and vegetable purees. So all of a sudden when they are toddler and then kids do you just automatically stop feeding the kids vegetables when they were growing up with it all along? It could definitely be a big help but only if you've steered away from giving them vegetables.

I'm not saying my kid eats all her veggies but I definitely try to give it to her at every meal and read up on how to make it more fun for her to eat it without tricking her. I try my best to do this because growing up I never had vegetables and if you see a pic of me then you'd understand why I wouldn't want my daughter to grow up not eating in a healthy way. It also give me the assentive to eat my vegetables to when I set them in front of her.

And now in the stores there are SO many ways to get your veggies. I buy the mini corn on the cob and she loves it, she eats her green beans but only cooked with eggs, she eats her celery with peanut butter and raisin ants. She LOVES eating carrots (and by themselves). So I know I can continuously give them to her and then she can get used to them when she's older.

But I can't say that there cookbooks are not good ideas. You never know when my kid gets older she may altogether stop eating her veggies and then those books may come in handy in helping her get her required vegetables.

But you have to admit Jessica's book cover looks more appealing to pick up than Sneaky Chef's. Which is the real reason they did it isn't it? To try to help parents find more creative ways in getting them to eat there vegetables. Not to fight over which wink looks better.

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