Thursday, February 14, 2008

Posted by Pixie at 9:39 AM
There are things that my daughter does that are just the cutest. I'm just all excited and all gushy and I turn around to tell someone and no one is there..

There's my hubby who works two jobs so that I am able to stay home and spend time with our daughter. In all day I have 30 minutes to be able to try to have a conversation with him. He doesn't see all the things his daughter says or does because he is working or sleeping. I'm not complaining because he is doing his best, and that is why I suck it up and try not to complain that he could at least try to change a diaper in his lifetime, that he could put her to bed before she starts putting herself to bed, that he is able to give her a bath, that he is able to teach he spanish lullabies before she goes to school and only learns itsy bitsy spider.

I have a sister who is so busy with her 40 hr a week job, her own child, her own family she doesn't have time to chat with her SAHM, lazy, getting out of bed whenever I want, going and coming as I please and always on the computer, sister.

I can't confide in my friend of 7 years on and off, because she has her own single, b-friendless, childless, always partying life to really care less about me being married and having a kid. As much as my stories about the challenges of potty training my child, helping her have complete sentences, and teacher her manners are boring to her, are as boring to me hearing stories about her wanna-be love affairs and what her favorite bars and alcoholic beverages are.

And then there's my mom..who isn't here anymore. She would have been my sister listening to me complain about always having to pick up my hubbys pants from off the floor. She would have been my best friend listening to me have one succesful story of my child being able to dress herself. She would have been my mother who was always there for me when I needed advice on how to get my kid to eat all her food in one sitting, and she would have been a great grandmother loving my daughter so much that my child would never feel unloved.

Even though they may not be around as much as I would want them to be (because, really, I'm not selfish)they are still there for me in there own way. My hubby giving our child a piggyback ride whenever possible, my sister and I talk to each other about our ups and downs in family life, having a friend letting me reminisce of all the fun and idiotic things I did before I had a family and knowing that I will be a great mother as my mother was.


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