Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Simply Addicted...

Posted by Pixie at 10:43 AM
Even though I am married, a mother and almost in my gasp 30's (haha just kidding!)there are things that that I am totally obsessed with even though maybe I shouldn't be..


I still love cartoons, not like my daughters cartoons of Dora but my all time favorite SAILOR MOON. LOVE that cartoon! They had powers, it had a great love story and they would kick ass! Maybe because in that time they hardly had any girl cartoons. I have them recorded and yes I still do watched them along with X-Men and Thundercats.


I own the whole series of ELFQUEST comic books. This is not really for children. It's a 1977 fantasy story about Wolfrider elves, a tribe of hunter/warriors closely allied with wolves.

Lots of reasons why I love this comic. They have awesome names like, DewShine, Skywise JoyLeaf and so on. 2nd because it had a great story line that consisted of alot lot of fairies, magic, dedication, and love.

These comic books and 'Legend' with Tom Cruise are the reasons I love Fairies, which is my next obsession...


Need I say more. Well yes I do, I'm not a fan of Tinker Bell because she's too overrated =)

Left the best for last OBSESSION #4

Awwwww my favorite men in the whole wide world! I have been a fan since '99 and man I'm still a huge fan. I have all their videos recorded, I have all their concert videos, all their cd's from the US and Europe.. I have gone to every one of there concerts held in my hometown. I have saved every posters of them..

Ohh.. you should have seen my room. A 20 yr old with TeenBeat carefully and with complete silence taking out their pictures and hanging them up and covering every inch of my old room, swear I have pictures of the way my room used to look, don't make me pull them out! =)

I turned everyone I knew into a fan.. well almost but still enough.

Kevin Richardson is and always will be my LOVER. You don't know how hard it was to only pick ONE picture of this man and how long it took me! I slobbered on my computer screen with every pic. My hubby makes me feel the same for him but Kevin can make me piss in my pants, throw up in excitement, and shake convulsively... ALL IN THE SAME TIME!

Be still my heart.

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