Monday, February 25, 2008


Posted by Pixie at 10:23 AM
I've been so busy setting up insurance on the car and it's emission test.

We bought this car Friday night and on Saturday I had to take the car back to the dealer to get some stuff upgraded and it didn't dawn on me to go get insurance on the car that day. So my hubby decides he wants to drive it to his evening job where he gets out at 1245am. And on the second day that we have this car what happens? He gets a ticket...for no insurance. Now the cop just pulled him over for no reason and didn't offer a reason. Ended up given him the ticket.

Ugh, so now I'm upset with myself because if I would have gone on Sat. to insure the Jeep he wouldn't of gotten that ticket. I'm mad at him because he knew it didn't have ins. and I just don't like cops.

So now I'm thinking of trying to get a part-time job to try to help relive some of that stress off my hubby, but being home for 3 whole years taking care of my child. And to leave her kinda makes me nervous. Of all the stories you hear from babysitters, to day cares I'm a little weary of leaving her with strangers while I have to go of to work. I think that first day I leave her I'm going to just cry because I have always been with my daughter 24/7.

I would totally love to work from home but it's like you have to pay a certain home based company for them to get you started and have jobs mailed your way and not just a one time fee, it's like ever month. I was thinking of the option of doing those pay to do surveys but if you would see how much I hate answering one question at a time... or just answering questions that don't apply to me. It's sooo boring! And then some you have to like buy something for you to get paid so 'um' what's the point?

Well we'll see what happens.

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