Saturday, March 22, 2008

Reading does a brain good...

Posted by Pixie at 7:15 AM

Yesterday was such a beautiful day I couldn't stay in. First I had called my library to see if they carried a specific book and I told them to hold it for me I'll stop by to pick it up. The library lady tells me "OK" and if I was also going to pay off my fine I had. I knew I had one so I asked her how much it was.. Now I'm assuming it's like maybe $8-$10 NOT $25!!

I try so hard to predict where the money is going and not try to have unexpected things like this happen. It's my own fault I don't know why I just wouldn't call to renew it or anything and the best part I only live 5 minutes from the library. I know I don't have to pay it right this minute but then down the line after I forget about it the next thing you know I'm getting mail from the Collection Agency. Ick!

So the library is 5 minutes from my house in car and walking to it is 20 minutes and they say that walking is best for you but nobody glorifies how it is walking up a hill on a semi hot day with a 3 year old in 30 minutes is good for you. She kept stopping because she was tired of walking up a hill and she kept sitting down, it's funny because when we take her to the park she's all over the place and here at the house I can't get her to stop running around. I guess because she thinks the same thing all grown ups do "Walking is no fun as an exercise". Well that's what I think anyways.

So I go down there to pay the amount and as soon as we enter she's miraculously not tired anymore and runs straight to the play area. Our library is small it carries, I say 10 computers and everyone of them had a little kid attached to it. Playing computer games, getting on Myspace, looking up cars and such. I mean, great their learning how to use a computer and you have to eventually read ever site your one or whatever but come on your in a library, can someone read a BOOK.

I love the library the different types of book out there and the creativity of one's moind. On the computer you read whatever it is your looking up but your not really reading the importance of a book whether it be Fiction, Non Fiction or just for the hell of it.

Oh well can't bitch too much because I'd die if I didn't have my computer

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