Friday, March 7, 2008

I don't want to clean and you can't make me

Posted by Pixie at 9:13 AM

If you would see my house now it looked like twin tornadoes hit it. I have dishes piled up, my counter is full of dishes, my bed is unmade, my floor needs to be swept along with the kitchens, my kids and my hamper are ready to topple over, my office needs to be vacuumed and eww I haven't cleaned my computer today and lets not even start in the bathroom. And can you believe I'm not the one that's sick. So instead of cleaning I'm here blogging about cleaning, yea

And thanks Ms JOHNINA for your advice.

Since my pup chewed up my pink IPod earphones I have not been in the mood to wash dishes. I think that's the only way I get through it by listening to music but now he's ruined that and I'm still pissed at him. But after my hubby feels better and after I've cleaned the WHOLE house he'll see how much I need new headphones and hopefully buy me a She took care of me AND our daughter while we were both sick and still cleaned the house" gift. HAHAHA right I think I'm going to have to buy these beautiful headphones myself.

If not well I'll settle for these

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