Sunday, March 30, 2008

Posted by Pixie at 8:45 AM
So yesterday was uber exciting for me. I decided to be a follower and get my hair cut similar to this...

I actually printed this picture out (hope i don't get sued or anything for that) and showed it to the hairstylist and let me tell you, I have been trying to get this haircut for about 2 yrs now.. But what's weird 6 yrs ago before Posh Beckham did this style I had it done. I swear I'm not making it up. Anyway last year when she came out with this style I thought I'd try it again so I go to this wanna be salon and they totally did not understand what I wanted even though I showed her a picture of it. Now how do you really mess that up?

So I decide to give it another try and oh my gosh this hairstylist absolutely did an awesome job. Though she didn't really make it as choppy but it's ok I can always go back later again.

Then afterwards I took my sister to a beauty supply store I used to work at because they still give me discounts and we enter and I find out that my old boss (who gave me the discounts)got fired. But while we're at the eyeshadow area the new manager at that store tells me he loves the way I did my eye makeup.(I had used my new yellow with blue on top.) Then he tells me he loves my haircut and my haircolor which is still red, (which actually looks better faded out a bit because my top hair is red and my ends are blonde so it looks cool,) and he askes me what products I used and I tell him I buy them here at this store and he tells me "Girl, why aren't you working here?" and I told him I used to like 3 yrs ago and he's like "Well were hiring here's an application, you know what just fill it out now I'll wait" I was so thrown off gaurd.

We went in to buy eyeshadows and I'm practically walking out with a job. He liked it better that I was bilingual and that I used to work there. And the good part is that he let me put all of my hours in the morning which would be great so that I can be with my little one in the evening along with my hubby and that job is exactly 5 minutes from my house and 8 minutes from the hopefully daycare she would be at.

So today was really exciting and so much fun. When I have time I'll load up pics of my new 'do.

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