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All the mommy's...

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So Mrs Lopez-Anthony has been in hiding for awhile, probably dealing with swollen feet with that huge bump of hers, but she's not missing from recent articles in magazines. In this weeks UK Cosmopolitan, she talks about her growing family and she calls herself the Queen of Mistakes.

Mrs Bratman welcomed a little baby boy Friday afternoon..I'm kinda imagining her pretty eyes and his ugly chin..

I think it was weird that she had actually scheduled a C-Section.. I mean how insane is that, too know exactly which day they are going to take your baby out. And that's not even the fun part of being a mother. What happened to waiting to have the labor pains to really feel your child wanting to come out? Ok maybe too much for the celebs but what about us normal moms who have to wait 2 or even 3 weeks after the baby's due date to wait to schedule a C-section. And that's because the DR. give you the appt. Hmm I dont' think that really is doing the whole having a child thing.

It's kinda hard to imagine Christina as a mom because she seems to I don't know, to self absorbed.. don't get me wrong I love her music and she's a great singer but sometimes as a person it's like 'what she said that'..

And then this person had a child..

A little girl named Harlow Winter Kate Madden. At the same hospital (Cedar Sinai Hospital,) where Britney was admitted. If I was rich and famous I would of had my child in Italy, Paris, or even Spain how cool would that be.. But noooo they all flock to Los Angeles and everyone goes to the same hospital...Now I hope a child can really change her attitude towards life.. And I hope she can deal with a child because she couldn't even deal with her own self..

She had said in a Diane Sawyer interview "I have a responsibility now for someone else, I have to set the right example, I would really want to be someone my child would look up to."

Other Celebs who had their bundle of joys

On Tuesday, Stella McCartney had her third child, a baby boy named Beckett Robert Lee.

Courtney Thorne-Smith had her first child, a baby boy, named Jacob Emerson Fishman on Friday, and again she also had her child at Cedars

David Alan Grier's wife, Christine Kim, also had their first child.

Toni Collette had her first child with husband Dave Galafassi in Sydney on Wednesday.

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