Saturday, January 26, 2008

What a day...

Posted by Pixie at 6:15 AM
So yesterday I went to the clinic to get my Depo Shot, now I was one day late I was suppose to get it on Thursday. So this is how my day goes to get my shot and dragging a sleepy 2 1/2 yr old with me...

My apt. is at 11:00a but I leave at 10:10a because it's difficult to find any parking. I get there and of course there was lots of parking. But which is good because they might call me earlier and then I can go home earlier. 10:30a Is the time I finish checking in.

Karla starts acting up.. flinging her purse and bear at the ceiling. She will not sit down and is running everywhere. I take her outside for a "talking" to. 45 Min's in a nurse finally calls me to get the basics, blood pressure, weight, height and medical problems but this time no pee test. Now I'm suppose to go into the Dr. office to get a shot that doesn't take more than 5 minutes but she tells me there are no available rooms to wait in the waiting room again.

It's 11:20 Karla is so sleepy she lays on the floor and ends up going to sleep..So I'm trying to keep her awake and nothing works. She's literally snoring there on the waiting area's floor. At 11:40a they finally call me in to the Dr's Office and Karla is still sleeping on the floor (yes I left her there on the floor) so I have to pick her up and haul her over my shoulder, still sleeping.

5 minutes later The Dr. finally comes in and she's like "oh you were suppose to come in yesterday, when did you last have intercourse?" I said "Some days ago"..she then totally freaks, she makes me do a pee test. I literally have to put Karla on the bathroom floor because she will not wake up, gross I know, I know. I do my business and go around in circles because I cannot find the damn lab to leave my pee that I've been carrying around along with a 40 lb kid on my should, carrying her toys and my purse around. So, yes I was getting a little pissed.

Finally I get back to the room and I lay Karla on top of the bed so that I don't have to be carrying her and she at least can feel like she's asleep on a bed. The Dr finally arrives and tells me there is a problem... crap... I 'm thinking "I'm pregnant."

Dr: Well because you were suppose to come in yesterday and you didn't your Depo stopped yesterday."

Me: Well I was told if I missed One Day it would be OK because I still had one extra week. And anyways how does the Depo just 'stop'?

Dr: It just stops, now because sperm lives in the body for 5 days after intercourse i think it's best that you take the 'Day after pill'

Me: But it's been ONE DAY it's not like I didn't come in a week later it's one day. *thinking to myself* anytime you want to get off a Birth control they say that it's at least 2 weeks to a month for your body to get accustomed to not being on Birth Control and to be able to get in one day would my ovaries start releasing eggs so quickly for me to get pregnant again.. So by now she's freaking me out and I'm like

Me: fine OK, give me the pills.. So I have the receipt to take so that I can get that prescription and I stay in line another 10 Min's just to hand over that paper, and then tells me it's going to take an hour for me to get my pills..Man! Seriously..Seriously?! So finally I end up leaving there around 2:30 p and Karla finally wakes up, and now I'm tired and ready for my nap..

My hubby took me too watch I am Legend and I absolutely loved it! It was a great exciting movie but it was also so sad.. I will definitely buy it when it comes out on DVD..Will Smith was great in that movie. He is such a talented actor, so fine and those abs's, lordy..

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