Thursday, January 31, 2008


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Yesterday in the morning and afternoon it was such a pretty day, then around 5pm, boom, it starts snowing like crazy. It stopped after 3 hours but for those 3 hours I think it snowed 3-4 inches worth. You couldn't see anything...

And this is how pretty it looks after the storm passed..

While that was happening outside, this was happening inside.. Karla is at the point where she pretty much wants to dress herself, most of the time she gets it right but she still has a bit of trouble sometimes..

Awhile back I wrote about how many mom bloggers don't return comments, but let me tell you after reading a couple of twenty something bloggers and reading their comments I prefer to go with the no comments.. I was reading a post about this 1st girl dealing with rude comments. The 2nd girl wrote how boring 1st girls blog was, that she was whiny and selfish and so on..
Ex: "I'm not going to sugarcoat this. I have been reading your blog for a while, and have come to the conclusion you are boring, needy and insecure. You say yourself, that you need more girlfriends. You should go make some, because otherwise you are putting way too much into a relationship that is probably going to fail anyways."

Yea, so I'm thinking ok this is 1st girls blog, she pretty much is writing down feelings, thoughts, experiances and so on, for herself and to share with others. Yet 2nd girls is so tired of reading her "boring" blog, (but of course she continues to read it) to the point of writing a very long rude comment.

I have read blogs which are boring to me or just like "WTF", and I don’t ever feel the need to publicly tear another blogger down for being who they are. And I assumed everyone had left all that high school drama when they graduated into adulthood.

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