Thursday, January 24, 2008

I don't want to clean and you can't make me!

Posted by Pixie at 8:46 AM
I am just sitting here because I'm dreading cleaning my kitchen and my bedroom. It looks like a damn tornado went through both. My husband and daughter are seriously just trying my patience. He makes a mess and leaves it for me to clean and I'll tell her not to make a mess and that's the first thing she does..

Yesterday was pretty uneventful that nothing was bloggable. Yesterday was one of the few days my husband has the morning off so we went to visit his parents.

I like his parents but his mother just annoys me. All she ever talks about is money. She gets mad because her sons don't give her money, and then when they do, she gets upset because it wasn't enough money. I still say the day was uneventful because they never talk to me. They share stories from back home that just BORE me. I understand he hasn't seen his parents in 8 years but come on. Who cares what the neighbors did in there yard! Or if that drugstore is still around the corner.

So I literally just ignored their conversations while I watched my daughter help her grandma make tortillas.

When we tell her to look at the camera and smile she comes up with this silly faces.Jee it's kinda of an ugly picture.

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