Tuesday, January 29, 2008

What The ...!

Posted by Pixie at 9:41 AM
I was in the middle of writing about Valentines gift Ideas when to my surprise (well not really) my daughter walkes in looking like this..

That would be butt cream on her hair and face..

This is what I get for not watching her

This has not been the first time I have neglected my kid and has involved the cream jar.. Take a look..(minus the hair please, I promise you I do comb her hair!)

So there is 17 16 days till Valentines Day. And I'm not too sure what to get my hubby but I found great items for under $20 (Not that they don't deserve more than a $20 dollar present) but sometimes when you can't think of things we'll those small presents always help..

AMAZON: A Dozen Dark Chocolate Hand-Dipped Fortune Cookies Decorated for Valentine's Day & Nestled in a Gold Container.

Price: $18.50

Valentine Postcard Glass Block from PERSONAL CREATIONS:
On the left side, they engrave any 5-line message, up to 20 characters per line; on the right side, they engrave any 3-line message, up to 20 characters per line. They then beautifully accent the block with a bright red heart “stamp.”

Price: 16.95

At THINGS REMEMBERED: They have a silver-plated money clip that has room for a favorite photograph and your personalized message.

Price: Sale now $9.99 Normally $20.00

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