Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Pink Eye...

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Today we take Karla to the Pediatric Urgent Care Clinic because I've noticed her eye is swollen and her tugging at her ear. We are seen by a doctor who just looks pissed about having to work today. She walks in looks at her chart and says 'So, she has a cold.' Like saying 'That's why you're here?'

I normally don't take her to the hospital if I know it's just a regular cold. I go when I'm really concerned it's more. Come on, I see white gunk in the corner of her eye and she's tugging at her ear, I have to make sure she's OK.

She examines her and we ask her questions and she answerer's them flatly. She then tells us 'OK your daughter has pink eye and an ear infection', then walks out to give us our prescription and discharge papers. She doesn't ask us if we have any questions or is there anything else I can help with, nothing. She then says that toddlers never let the medicine (which is eye drops) near their eyes and that it will clear on it's own..Whether I give her the medicine or not.

So if we don't necessarily need it then why give it to us? She then tells us not to give her any cold medicine because it wont work, let the cold run it's course. I get that the medicine doesn't speed up her cold or take it away, but doesn't it help to make her feel a little better? Maybe to stop her runny nose even for an hour or to calm her itchy throat?

She also let us know that if this persists after 2 weeks to go to our own clinic to be checked up by her own doctor, in that flat voice of hers.. meaning don't come back to the hospital with just this cold.

So my experience at the hospital was not a good one and I'm very disappointed in this Pediatric doctor who should have a little more sympathy for sick children.

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