Sunday, January 20, 2008

Backstreet boys Music ...

Posted by Pixie at 7:49 PM
Ahhh the best boy band EVER!!
I have been a fan of theirs since '99 and I have met cool people through being an obsessed fan of theirs in my senior year of high school. I have gone to 4 concerts and one of those concerts I went with an N'Suck groupie. It was awesome to hear her sing along to the Backstreet Boys songs. It's kinda sad to not see them out in the spotlight like they used to be, only crappy songs like 'Smack that', or ear screeching songs from Britney Spears songs are being heard.

Their new album came out in December and the big differance is that Kevin, My Lover, isn't there because he's off having children with his wife =( This album has lots of great songs. Here is there new single..

Helpless when she smiles

Here are pictures of Howie's Wedding on 12-8-07


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