Thursday, January 10, 2008

Start of a New day...

Posted by Pixie at 10:20 AM
So I was thinking since my last post that I really should keep my appearance up. Now when I was single I used to always have my made face.. and it's always true what they say that when your married, you let yourself go...sigh... sadly I have..But now with the game face I've decided it's time for a change..

1st for my daughter so that I can look decent when I'm with my child in public, because I dress her up so pretty and I'm in my PJ's and my hairs still in a ponytail, and I still look like that when my husband comes home from work...

2nd I plan on losing weight for my child, myself and so that my husband doesn't leave me because I can't be on top anymore..

3rd I plan on always keeping myself kept up.. Make up, hair done, actual clothes worn when he gets home not pj's..

All this while keeping my house clean, dishes washed, laundry washed, taking care of a rambunctious 2 yr old and a crapping and peeing in the house trained pup..

But now it seems as If I have let my make up down too.. I only own currently I eyeshadow brush, 1 blush brush, 1 eyeshadow, 1 glitter eyeshadow and 1 eyeliner... So sad..

Then yesterday we had an event to go to and... gasp... I have forgotten how to apply eyeshadow. So I do the best I can and I was constantly looking in the mirror making sure I didn't look horrible and embarrass my husband. Then get home and totally feel bummed I couldn't even do that right so I'm just checking out sites and videos (Youtube) just to see if they have any ideas of how to relearn to apply makeup.. And I found this AWESOME woman who does great eyes.. Take a look..

So there I go off to the Non M.A.C store and stock up my make up case.. Oh and since I'm buying all new brushes I'd thought I'd add a video on how to keep your brushed clean without spreading germs and having to buy all new ones =)

And how to make your own brush cleanser

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