Thursday, January 3, 2008


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"Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull"
This movie, though I haven't seen the actual trailer looks fun. First because I have loved (1 Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom ) movie. 2nd Shia is in it.

It's so funny to see the old movie who've made in impact in any movie lovers collection be made into 4th or 5th sequels after their time..there is Indiana

and this one...

Live Hard Die Free.
Which I did actually like

Or how about remakes..Some are better than the original

and then there are the ones they should have been left alone..

And of course there's One Missed Call being remade, It kinda does look a little better than the original.

And for heavens sake I hear they are going to remake my favorite movie of all time (which by the way someone still has to watch) FootLoose, with ugh Zac Efron as Ren... NOOOOOOOOOO!! Who was the idiot that thought this up? Doesn't he, like, sqweak or something. Wait, so he has been in TWO musicals..OMG what if they actually make this one into a musical too..

Kevin Bacon was so hott in that movie, and he dances oh so yummy! And even Kenny Loggins was my favorite music artist at the time.. Who can forget the soundtrack also for TopGun: Danger Zone.

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