Monday, January 14, 2008

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What I'm listening too: Shakira: Tortura

What I'm drinking: Butterfinger Hot Cocoa mmmm soo good!


How cute does Valentina look here! They say she already has designer Bottega Veneta baby shoes..hmm couldn't tell you who that was cause I buy my kids shoes at Journeys, Walmart, Target or the occasional Kmart.


So I guess I'm a bit behind on this news but I just READ, that In December of 2007, rumors began that Kat Von D was pregnant. There was a picture on the internet, which I have yet to find showing Kat with a larger lower stomach, and by the promos for the new season of L.A. Ink where she says that she's pregnant.

A January 2008 episode said she was joking, and the promo had taken the statement out of context. Kat denied that she miscarried her child. With her admitted drug and alcohol use the tabloids were speculating that her loss may have some truth.

She just built her own business and she seems to be too much of a party girl to have kids..

Watch her Season 2 Promo HERE

I have nothing else to bitch or yap about so I'll just post up some funny pics =)

Going nowhere.


One bar two very intelligent signs.

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