Saturday, January 19, 2008

What a Headache...

Posted by Pixie at 8:30 PM
Today I had to get Spanky's shots, and I was dreading it.. He knows he's going to the vet when I stick him in his kennel, he starts whining and crying like my 2 year old when she wants and can't have a .

We get there and I'm telling Karla to sit down, sit down and sit down.. because she could be running around or playing and a dog could come out of the vets office unhappy that for the umpteenth time that thermometer went up his a$$ and may not be in such a good mood, and then I remember, damn, I forgot Karla's monkey harness.. and I remember that too when I see this dog coming in who had this crazy, wild look on his face and he had no harness or muzzle and the next thing I see is Karla running up to him wanting to pet him.. and wow did I freak... I grabbed her and swept her up from the floor while holding a 5lb rat, a huge purse, and my fill in sheets.

She's crying and throwing a hissy fit while I literally hold her down until that damn lady left with her dog.. So all the vet's asst's are looking at me like If I'm a bad mom because Karla is balling her little eyes out wanting to get up and I'm telling her no and holding her down until the vet can see us..

Now it's our turn to be seen and I tell her to give me her hand, and she is not budging and I don't have time to wait for her or the patience to have all the people stare at me while my child defies me in public..So I grab her jacket by the arm and I'm dragging Karla so that she'll follow us. The lady closes my door cause i guess she thinks I'm going to beat the crap out of my kid.. a second later the nurse comes in with a book and a box full of crayons.. and she looks at me like she's scared..(I promise I'm not making this up) and says, 'um is it OK if she has crayons?', like I'm going to tell her no to something that might shut up my kid. So we're in there and she's still slowly crying her little heart out and she comes up to me after a while and says ..."Sorry mommy.." awww man, now I can't stay mad at her and threaten to take away her crayons if she keeps acting up.. well in all for the 30 minutes we where there, it gave me a pretty big headache .. So I'm off to bed to dream about Cujo

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