Monday, January 7, 2008

Sunday Night TV...

Posted by Pixie at 12:13 PM
What I am drinking: Lemonade water
What I'm watching: Karla chase Spanky
What I'm Listening to: Last Night By Diddy and Keisha Cole

Love how they dance to Diddy's Song:

So yea! Desperate Housewives came out with their new episode. Kinda had to cut Shrek off early, cause I couldn't find the other remote for the living room . Karla understood, as soon as I gave her a kiss and a hug...hehehe, right, actually this did the trick → .
This episode was, like always, so funny and I Loved it...

How about when Lynette decides to empty the urn and replace it with vacuum dirt?
Or Orson knowing Andrew has a mesh top that would make anyone jealous?
And OMG Carlos blind?

Well I was excited and glued to my . I didn't see any previews for a new DH so I'm guessing their all out.

Well hopefully this Writers Strike doesn't go on much longer because it's NOT FAIR.

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